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Fanfold corrugated board 800mm 5VVL

Fold after 1143mm per pallet


Sales unit: palette / 403,2000 pc

Doba dodání 4 days

Price per piece

1,05 EUR

1,27 EUR including VAT

Total price

421,79 EUR

510,36 EUR including VAT

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Product description and parameters

Fanfold cardboard stacked on a pallet consists of many thin layers of cardboard. The cardboard delivered in this way is thus stacked in a so-called Z-shape. These layers are firmly bonded to prevent damage or tearing of the cardboard. This cardboard is ideal for wrapping long to extremely long objects such as various bars and profiles. You can easily adjust the dimensions of the carton with a Stanley knife to suit your needs.

Kraft paper is a brown paper that is made from wood pulp. It is durable, strong, and has a natural appearance. It is often used for food packaging, shopping bags, envelopes, and other packaging materials. Kraft paper is also an environmentally friendly choice because it is recyclable and has low energy consumption in production.

The pallet on which the cardboard is stored is used for transporting and storing the cardboard.


5VVL - BE wool, 4mm thick, 643 g/m² (approximate - may change over time)

Cardboard composition: 120g/m² Kraftliner, 120g/m² Wellenstoff, 100g/m² Schrenz, 120g/m² Wellenstoff, 120g/m² Testliner


Width 800mm



1x pallet

Do you pack long products? We can recommend several ways you can pack long products. It always depends on the size, shape, and weight of the product.

  1. If you have a box of the right size, you can pack the product in the box and secure it with adhesive tape or ribbon - without using inner padding.

  2. Use foil: You can also wrap long products in stretch film or bubble wrap to prevent damage during shipping.

  3. Use of cardboard / endless board: Fanfold board is suitable for this type of packaging. You can also wrap the product in cardboard and secure it with tape or duct tape.

  4. Using a wooden pallet in combination with cardboard: When a conventional cardboard box is no longer sufficient for large and heavy products, you can also use a wooden pallet and place the product on it and secure it in a box tightly connected to the pallet. This is often used for automotive applications.

It is important to note that each product has specific packaging requirements and it is important to consider them properly to avoid damage during transport.


If you require a higher quantity of endless fanfold, please do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail: poptávky@packung.cz, where we will be happy to prepare an individual quotation after consultation.

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We reply within 2 days

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