Filling and fixation material

If you have a small production or shipping operation and you don\'t use customized boxes, you\'ll definitely benefit from fillers that absorb shock and protect product surfaces from abrasion. We offer various types of FLO-PAK bodies, paper and air fixings, bubble wrap and wrapping papers and cartons. Your packaging will be protected and you will effectively reduce returns and claims.


Shredded cardboard

Ecological fixation in the box

231,91 Kč
Special pric

Bubble Padded Envelope - White 95x165mm A11

16,80 Kč/piece

Easy to use peel & seal strip A11

1,68 Kč

Shredded paper wool white - pallete

2 877,60 Kč/Packaging

White paper filling inside the boxes

26,16 Kč
Special pric

Protective 3D corner made of PE foam 10mm

306 Kč/Packaging

Protection against mechanical damage

3,06 Kč

Natural paper wool - palette

4 167,45 Kč/palette

Natural filling of the inner space of the boxes

39,69 Kč
Special pric

Wood wool natural

Natural filling of the inner space of the boxes

492,79 Kč

Bubble mailer A5

38,10 Kč/Packaging

Padded bubble mailer D14

3,81 Kč

Bubble wrap 1000mm

Practical foil to protect your product

417,84 Kč
Price on request

PaperWrap - wrapping paper


Paperfix paper fixation

Solid and effective fixation for your packaging

543,26 Kč

Packing Peanuts Green 500l

Easy and quick fixation inside your package

728,59 Kč
Delivery time 4 days

Double-layer corrugated board - roll 1050mm, C-wool

1 064,70 Kč

Corrugated board for your packaging

7,80 Kč

Air bags Activa Air BP 200x200mm

Flexible and lightweight filler for paper boxes

2 518,68 Kč

Air bags Activa Air BP 150x200mm

Flexible and lightweight filler for your cardboard box

2 755,47 Kč

Packmaster Pro Paper 750 mm

Ecological fixation in boxes or quick packaging material for gift use

1 345,32 Kč
Delivery time 15 days

Packing Peanuts White 500l

Easy and quick fixation inside your package

572,22 Kč
Delivery time 4 days

Air Packing Pillows

Flexible and lightweight padding

521,91 Kč

Packing Peanuts Green 150l

Easy and quick fixation inside your package

349,10 Kč
Delivery time 10 days

Bubble Cushioning wrap roll 500mm

420,76 Kč/Packaging

Practical foil to protect your product

210,38 Kč

Foam Wrap - thickness 3mm and width 1250mm

Effective fixation for fragile materials (screens, glass, furniture)

1 164,80 Kč

Air Cushion Wrap Roll - Inflatable air pillow bags film - dimensions 100x200mm

Flexible and lightweight filler for your mailbox

2 757,76 Kč

Packing Peanuts Green 400l-8

Fixation peanuts cornstarch

516,47 Kč

Pallet Stretch band 1200x800mm

4 306,68 Kč

Stabilization of products on EURO pallet

358,89 Kč
Price on request

Fill Air Extreme Film natural 200x200mm

We will prepare your boxes within 48 hours

Flexible just-in-time solutions with our technology

We produce smart and eco-friendly packaging

We are serious about ecology - we are FSC® certified (FSC-C147798)

We make boxes from endless cardboard

Bigs (bends) are an integral part of the box

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We handle the complete packaging management. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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