Flo-Pak fixation chips

The Flo-Pak foam box filler is a useful tool where you do not use customized boxes. The white or green Flo-Pak bodies are ideal for e-shops, shipping and manufacturing companies or repacking centres.

Packing Peanuts Green 500l

Easy and quick fixation inside your package

728,59 Kč
Delivery time 15 days

Packing Peanuts White 500l

Easy and quick fixation inside your package

572,22 Kč

Packing Peanuts Green 150l

Easy and quick fixation inside your package

349,10 Kč

Packing Peanuts Green 400l-8

Fixation peanuts cornstarch

516,47 Kč

We will prepare your boxes within 48 hours

Flexible just-in-time solutions with our technology

We produce smart and eco-friendly packaging

We are serious about ecology - we are FSC® certified (FSC-C147798)

We make boxes from endless cardboard

Bigs (bends) are an integral part of the box

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