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We try to produce your packaging as soon as possible. However, our goal is to produce them within 48 hours on weekdays except weekends and public holidays when our machines are not running. You can try the following model case when estimating your box delivery.

  • Sunday 18:00 - Your order has arrived.
  • Monday 8:00 AM - Your order has been put into production (you received the information by email as a PDF confirmation. The 48-hour deadline for production on weekdays excluding public holidays now begins.
  • Wednesday 8:00am - Order is now produced. Based on your chosen shipping method, you will receive shipping information in your email. The shipment of boxes in unfolded state will then arrive to you based on the information from your chosen carrier (we cannot control this time)
  • Friday 9:00 AM - You may already be assembling your boxes and an invoice for your order arrives by email.

If for production capacity, transport or other reasons we are unable to meet this deadline - we will discuss the order individually with the customer and agree on the optimal procedure.We do not guarantee 100% production success within 48 hours. However high percentage of our orders are produced within this period. Compared to other production technologies, our solution is oriented towards speed and dimensional variability in transport boxes.

Our packaging at BOX48.cz is primarily for shipping. If you want to use the box as a gift, consider whether you will not mind unaesthetic elements such as bigs, inequalities, etc. These elements are part of the box by the principle of the technology used and are not grounds for a complaint with us. Try ordering a smaller quantity first to see if the quality of the box suits you. The production technology is different from standard carton production - we do not use die-cutting moulds, but cut the boxes from continuous cardboard.

The BOX48 range of boxes is made of continuous cardboard, which is folded in 1143 mm (so called \'bigs\' are part of the manufactured boxes) on a pallet. By the nature of the technology, it is not possible to decide where the bigs appear on the box. As a precautionary measure, please note that the boxes are shipping boxes and we recommend that you do some sampling (order a smaller quantity and test the functionality before placing a larger order).

The advantage of this way of working is the elimination of die-cutting moulds (significantly more expensive to produce and must be in 1 dimension) and just the speed of production (we guarantee 48 hours in working days from 1 piece).

We do not currently offer carton printing, if you want to have your logo on the box, for example, it is ideal to arrange with the nearest screen printer (adverts etc.), where the cost of small series will be the most favorable. We are able to provide mass produced cartons using conventional technology from larger batches of 1000pcs or more, however the delivery time and input costs are not as favourable.

The dimensions entered are always internalbox dimensions (carton manufacturing has its own standards and tolerances, so even boxes may not fit exactly to the millimeter - internal dimensions are also affected by the accuracy of the composition)

Technical specification of our brown endless cardboard:

3VVL - B wool, 3mm thick, board composition: 120g/m² Kraftliner, 120g/m² Wellenstoff, 140g/m² Testliner
5VVL - BE wool, 4mm thick, board composition: 120g/m² Kraftliner, 120g/m² Wellenstoff, 100g/m² Schrenz, 120g/m² Wellenstoff, 120g/m² Testliner
5VVL - BC wool, 6mm thick

Technical specification of white endless board:

3VVL - E wool, thickness 1,3mm, board composition: 140g/m² Kraftliner, 100g/m² Wellenstoff, 140g/m² Kraftliner

Just as Henry Ford offered only black cars in the beginning, we offer only natural brown boxes made of high quality kraft paper :)

If you have not chosen from the types of boxes we offer, please feel free to contact us at poptavky@box48.cz. We are also able to offer other types of boxes, customized designs, box sets with internal paper elements to pack multiple products in one box, etc.

Each box has a PDF visual in the gallery with instructions for assembly and closure. All types of boxes are 'folding boxes', neither we nor you glue anything at the beginning - you always fold the box without any other accessories, to secure/close the box you can use adhesive tapes, binding tapes, cardboard closers from our range of packaging materials.


Goods over 30kg are standard packed on a pallet, wrapped with stretch film and taped. If you need to unpack the goods at the point of collection and rearrange them, you can do it yourself. It is possible to rent a wrapping knife on site.

We work with the Helios Inuvio ERP system and the management of our company's warehouse is managed using a WMS (warehouse management system). Due to internal system settings, it is not possible to merge orders. If necessary, please make a new order. We appreciate your understanding

Do not know how to enter dimensions or create an order? Try our instructional video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hz6SeAc8t2s&t=1s [CZ]

The invoice for your customized boxes will be issued and sent to you electronically (e-mail) within 3 working days from the date of dispatch of the order.

The method of shipping carton boxes is determined by our internal rules and your company's rating, if you would be interested in a different method of shipping your carton box, please contact us and we will check the options with regard to your order history.

Free shipping over 10 000 CZK only within the Czech Republic.

For customized box payment, a similar principle applies as for shipping - payment options are set according to your company's rating. Should you be interested in a different payment method for your cardboard box, please contact us and we will check the options with regard to your order history and desired delivery address. If you choose a prepayment invoice, please note that the production process will only start once the appropriate amount has been credited to our account. Individuals are always set to pay online or in cash only, a change is only possible after a positive historical cooperation - for example, try to request a classic invoice after the 5th order.

You can also find more information about payment options on BOX48.cz in our article at https://blog.box48.cz/platebni-moznosti/.

Due to the type of custom production at BOX48.cz, this is unfortunately not possible. We have set the same price for both 1pc and 500pc, you get a discount across the board on all products - boxes and accessories after registration. We do not favor larger orders, because smaller orders are already disadvantaged by the price of shipping and packaging, so one piece in the end comes out more expensive for smaller orders.

You ordered the same size as last time but the price is different, yes it can happen. With regard to the structure of production we change the prices - we optimize the input material, so most of the boxes will be discounted, but a certain percentage may become more expensive.

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Mon-Fri: 7am-3:30pm
+420 608 658 708

Mon-Fri: 7am-3:30pm

We reply within 2 days

We reply within 2 days

You do not have to deal with a minimum quantity
You do not have to deal with a minimum quantity

Production of boxes from 1 piece

We produce thousands of boxes within 48 hours
We produce thousands of boxes within 48 hours

Production works on working days

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Do not want to buy something wrong?

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We are not ecologically naive

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