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It's here! We are testing right-size white cardboard boxes

About BOX48 25.07.2023

If you imagine that making customized boxes is a complicated and costly affair, then it's time to change that view. Our bespoke box making machines can make packaging production fast, efficient and affordable. In today's blog post, we'll take a look together at how we test the production of customized boxes made from white cardboard on a PANOTEC NEXTMODE machine.

What machine do we use to produce the boxes?

The PANOTEC NEXTMODE is a highly flexible and customisable machine for the production of customised boxes, focusing on streamlining the production process and reducing costs. Our customers have the option to choose their exact dimensions and select from our box designs. This eliminates the need to purchase pre-manufactured boxes, called stock. The NEXTMODE machine also allows us to expand the size options as it has more cutting knives than our current PANOTEC COMPACK EVO machine.

For more information, check out our website www.panotec.cz.


What are the advantages of white cardboard?

White board is a popular material in the packaging industry and has a number of advantages that distinguish it from other materials. Here are some of them:

  1. Aesthetics.

  2. Durability.

  3. Flexibility.

White cardboard is also highly recyclable, making it an environmentally friendly choice. Companies looking to reduce their environmental impact can use our white cardboard without any hassle.

PANOTEC NEXTMODE a bílá lepenka


Fanfold tray

White cardboard on the tray

What makes us different? We don't do die cutting

Endless fanfold and 'bigs'

The BOX48 range of boxes is made from endless cardboard, which is stacked 1143 mm (the 'bigs' are therefore part of the boxes produced) on a pallet. By the nature of the technology, it is not possible to decide where the bigs appear on the box. As a precautionary measure, please note that the boxes are shipping boxes and we recommend that you do a 'sampling' (order a smaller quantity and test the functionality before placing a larger order).

The advantage of this way of working is the elimination of die-cutting (significantly more expensive to produce and must be in 1 dimension) and just the speed of production (we guarantee 48 hours in working days from 1 piece).

Is the packaging suitable as a gift?

Our packaging on BOX48.cz is primarily for shipping. If you want to use the box as a gift, consider whether you will not mind unaesthetic elements such as bigs, burrs, etc. These elements are part of the box by the principle of the technology used and are not grounds for a complaint. Try ordering a smaller quantity first to see if the quality of the box suits you. The production technology is different from standard carton production - we do not use die-cutting molds, but cut the boxes from continuous cardboard.

Do you want to test the white cardboard boxes?

Try out customized white cardboard boxes right now at BOX48.

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You do not have to deal with a minimum quantity
You do not have to deal with a minimum quantity

Production of boxes from 1 piece

We produce thousands of boxes within 48 hours
We produce thousands of boxes within 48 hours

Production works on working days

4% discount after registration
4% discount after registration

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We are not ecologically naive
We are not ecologically naive

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