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About BOX48 01.01.2022

The goal of our Box48.cz system is to simplify the box manufacturing process to make it as easy as possible for companies to get practical and accurate cardboard packaging. We produce boxes on the PANOTEC COMPACK EVO machine using the box-on-demand method. It is therefore not a classic die-cutting process. We cut the folded endless cardboard on pallets with the machine as you would, for example, print on a printer. The technology has its limitations (we describe most of them on the FAQ page), but it allows us to produce customized boxes within 48 hours on business days from 1 piece.

We have developed a list of FEFCO-standard designs that we have selected based on our 6 years of experience in optimizing packaging materials. The boxes do not need to be glued and we are able to produce a box with a maximum length of 6 m and a width of up to 2.5 m. The possibility of production from 1 piece allows you to make a smaller number of sample boxes and then to order a tried and tested box based on your personal experience.

The range of box types and spacers is inspired by you, our customers' inquiries

We also sell box-making machines from the Italian company PANOTEC, so we know their characteristics, production capacity, and production possibilities. However, they are inherently unsuitable for specific designs and high-volume production. For these orders, we offer the possibility of direct inquiry at poptavky@packung.cz.


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