Tools and machines for packaging

See the machines and tools for the production of fixings. If you have a bespoke box and still need to secure your goods, unwinders or strapping and stapling tools will come in handy.

New items

Cardboard shredding machine Pack1-400

Production of fillings from residual cardboard

42 787,14 Kč

Retractable Segment Blade Knife

Universal knife usefull for packaging operations

11,47 Kč

Carton sealer

Efficient adhesive tape applicator

335,77 Kč

PP/PET tape unwinding machine - diameter 200/400 mm

Useful helper in the warehouse

3 690,80 Kč

Stretch film unwrapping tool - diameter 500 mm

Useful helper for working with stretch film

1 038,69 Kč

ActivaAir Basic BP4000 air cushion machine

Maker of air cushions and mats with small and large bubbles

23 877,63 Kč
Delivery time 21 days

Reiner P3 MP Inkjet Cartridges, black (Solvent-Based)

Printer cartridge

3 127,32 Kč
Delivery time 21 days

Ink Cartridge P5, black, Reiner 1025 Jet Stamp

Printer cartridge

7 359,30 Kč
Delivery time 21 days

Portable handheld Inkjet printer Reiner 940 speed-i Marker 940

Solutions for portable inkjet printing

37 038,75 Kč
Delivery time 21 days

Handheld inkjet printer Reiner jetStamp 1025

Solution for fast printing

49 939,20 Kč
Delivery time 12 days

Packing workstation

Universal packing table for packing and dispatch centres

20 202,70 Kč
Best price

Staples for staplers

Quick closing of the box

327,18 Kč

Manual Carton Closing Stapler

Quick closing of the box

4 284 Kč
Delivery time 21 days

Semi-automatic strapping machine

Semi-automatic strapping machine for medium-sized operations

23 715 Kč

Poly Strapping Tensioner for PP/ PET/ PES tape

Banding machine for wire and plastic clips

1 398,09 Kč

We will prepare your boxes within 48 hours

Flexible just-in-time solutions with our technology

We produce smart and eco-friendly packaging

We are serious about ecology - we are FSC® certified (FSC-C147798)

We make boxes from endless cardboard

Bigs (bends) are an integral part of the box

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