How does it all work? - a unique system of production of cardboard boxes completely customized

Customized boxes from 1 piece don't have to be sci-fi anymore. At Packung, we produce carton boxes on a PANOTEC machine in the exact dimensions you need. We produce boxes from high quality rigid cardboard and we also offer a wide range of accessories, so you're sure to find something to choose from in our packaging range. If you want your boxes delivered directly to you and your city is Prague or Brno, Olomouc, Ostrava, Zlín, Liberec, Pardubice or another city? This is no limitation for us. We deliver the shipments through our partner TOPTRANS. For regular customers who order cardboard boxes regularly, we provide delivery in South Moravia with our own transport. We believe that this way we can make the purchase of customized boxes and cartons easier for you.

Our technology allows us to prepare customized boxes from 1 piece within 48 hours, but most importantly also without additional costs for cutting tools. <a href='\' target=\'_blank\' rel=\'noreferrer nofollow\'> is a system that is used for the production of customized cardboard boxes from cardboard, but our company deals with a full range of packaging products such as packaging films, cardboard boxes, stretch film, bubble wrap, adhesive tapes, packing tapes, bags, envelopes, wrapping paper, mailing boxes, paper boxes, bags, pallets, packing tables, specialized packaging for winemakers and other packaging equipment. You can get individual discounts with us by registering <a href=''>HERE.