Standardised boxes

We offer cardboard boxes in a variety of standard sizes, thicknesses and wool types. A wide range of boxes for the safe transport of your goods.

Special pric

Quick-closing box 'A'

229,60 Kč/palette

Fast completation

11,48 Kč

Cardboard flap box 404x314x238mm 3VVL (three layer) customized

Flexible shipping boxes

70,94 Kč
Special pric

Box with automatic bottom 203x116x80mm brown

158,50 Kč/Packaging

Ideal for quick assembly

6,34 Kč

Flap box 696x496x222mm

293 Kč/Packaging

Universal flap box

29,30 Kč
Price on request

Flap box 596x406x222mm

Special pric

Shipping box with self-adhesive strip and tear thread 'C'

182,20 Kč/Packaging


9,11 Kč
Special pric

Shipping box with self-adhesive strip and tear thread 'B'

202,20 Kč/palette

10,11 Kč

We will prepare your boxes within 48 hours

Flexible just-in-time solutions with our technology

We produce smart and eco-friendly packaging

We are serious about ecology - we are FSC® certified (FSC-C147798)

We make boxes from endless cardboard

Bigs (bends) are an integral part of the box

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We handle the complete packaging management. Contact us and we will be happy to advise you.

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Cardboard flap box 394x294x88mm 3VVL (three layer) customized

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Archiving box 3VVL brown 430x310x45 mm - A3

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Packing Tape 19mm - crepe

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Filament Strapping Tape - 12mm

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