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Packing Peanuts Green 400l-8

Fixation peanuts cornstarch


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Product description and parameters

Packing Peanuts are a quick and easy filling material that is suitable for manual filling but also for fully automatic shipping systems. Packing Peanuts are ideal for packaging a variety of products or for shapes that are difficult to pack with conventional packaging means.

Note: The goods cannot be exported outside the Czech Republic.

Material cornstarch, water (10%), food grade green paint and PVA (max 20%), naturally anti-static
Dimension size: 115x65x65mm
Packaging 1x bag

Additional Parameters:

Density 8-10 kg/m³
Water Solubility 100%
Melting Point Self-ignition temperature 450°
Displacement 100% within 14 days (certified), in organic matter or wastewater
Storage 20-25°C, 45-75% humidity

Declaration of GMO use:
Flo-pak Bio-8 is 100% GMO free i.e. produced exclusively from non-GMO raw materials in accordance with EU Directives 1829/2003 and 1830/2003

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