If you want to eliminate \'plastic\' bags and use eco-friendly packaging in your retail or wholesale business, you can choose paper bags made of brown smooth kraft paper. The load capacity of such bags ranges between 6 and 8 kg, and the kraft paper also makes the bags stronger.


Large Brown Paper Carrier Bags with Flat Handles

203,75 Kč/package

Eco-friendly paper bag

8,15 Kč

Paper bag medium

107,25 Kč/package

Eco-friendly paper bag

4,29 Kč

Paper bag small

76,50 Kč/package

Eco-friendly paper bag

3,06 Kč
Delivery time 14 days


260,80 Kč/package

Water soluble eco-friendly bag

26,08 Kč
Delivery time 14 days


284,30 Kč/package

Water soluble eco-friendly bag

28,43 Kč

Paper bag wide

102,50 Kč/package

Eco-friendly paper bag

4,10 Kč

Paper bag Elegant

140,50 Kč/package

Eco-friendly paper bag

5,62 Kč

We will prepare your boxes within 48 hours

Flexible just-in-time solutions with our technology

We produce smart and eco-friendly packaging

We are serious about ecology - we are FSC® certified (FSC-C147798)

We make boxes from endless cardboard

Bigs (bends) are an integral part of the box

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